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Website Hosting

Hosting Company provides a web space as a home for the website web pages. There are mainly two Operating Systems for the web space: Windows or Apache. If the website web pages are programmed with Windows tools, e.g., ASP or ASP.net, you will have to choose Windows web space. Because of that, you will have to talk to your website developer before any purchase. Normally, Apache web space is cheaper.

How to get a web space? You go to a hosting company, choose a prepaid plan and make a purchase. The prepaid period can be a month, 3 month, 6 month or a year. The longer period plan is cheaper than the shorter period plan. Monthly plan may charge you $10 per month or more. Yet, the longer plan is relatively more risky. If you contact thethem regarding a server issue and the issue persisted, you can switch to other hosting company.Yet, all the prepaid payment gone. Obviously, you will lose more for a longer plan.

After you signed up a prepaid plan, you will be assigned an account for the hosting space with a login ID and password. They will also send you emails with the FTP ID and password and Primary and Secondary Nameservers. Your website developer needs the FTP ID and password to upload the website web pages to the hosting web space. The Primary and Secondary Nameservers are for the website Domain Name's setting.

WebDesignMonsters.com's Website for $100 promotion includes those settings. It can be on Windows or Apache Server if you do not have any special requirement or effects.

Website Hosting Email

After login your hosting web space, you can set up your website email address. Usually, you click on the Create New Email button and enter new email address. It will be something@your domain name. You also need to create email password for the email address and you may set everyhing else as default setting.

How to access your email? You can access the email as webmail. From your web browser, you enter the URL which the hosting company provided and then enter the email address and password.

You may also setup Microsoft Oulook, Outlook express or other third party software to receive POP mail or IMAP mail to your computer. Usually, it requires the settings of the POP or IMAP Server and sending and receiving ports. The settings are depended on the hosting company.

WebDesignMonsters.com's will help you with those settings.