Website Email

You may use your current personal email address and put it on your website for all the online communication. Yet, some people think it doesn't look like a business or professional email address. In this case, you may want to set up a website email address.

Once, you have your registered domain name and your website is already in a hosting company web space. Your signup hosting company account allows you to set up your website email address. Email address is free with your hosting account. It is something@yourdomainname.

New Email Account Set Up

After login your hosting company web-based account, you go to the Control Panel. You can click on the Email Account or the Category related to email. After that, you click on the Create New Email button and enter new email address. Usually, there is a empty box @yourdomainname. You can enter something in the empty box and your email address will be something@yourdomainname. It is a custom email address. You also need to create an email password for the email address. You created a mailbox with the name of the email address.

Email Account Features

If you don't do any settings, the default settings will be chosen.

  • Email Account Size: You can enter the total storage size of the email address account, for example, 50 MB. But remember if your hosting account is only 50 MB, the email account will consume all the web space and you will have a problem. A Hosting Plan with bigger storage is needed.
  • Mail Forwarding: If you switch on, you can enter another email address. Basically, it will forward a copy of email to the other address.
  • Auto-Reply: If switch on, you can enter a message. Basically, it will auto-Reply that message when somebody sent you an email.
  • Virus Guard: Some hosting account may have installed virus guard software to scan the email. Yet, it is not 100% guard and you should always be careful to handle email especially with the attachment.
  • Spam filter: If switch on, it will catch the junk mails. Yet, it may not be able to catch those sophisticated spam emails. If you still receive a lot of spam emails, you will have to ask hosting company support for help.

Basically, there are two ways for accessing you email address: website webmail or third-party client software.

Website Webmail

Webmail is that a standard web browser can access your email address services. It contrasts with email service accessible through specialized email client software. It is similar to Yahoo Mail or Google Mail. The Hosting Company will provide you a URL web address. From your web browser, you enter the URL which the hosting company provided and then enter the email address and password. It will go to the webmail panel, there are send, reply and forward buttons. There are inbox, send, trash, junk categories. It is similar to Microsoft outlook but the email service is accessed by a standard browser.'s Website for $100 promotion includes helping you with the above settings.

Third-party Client Mail Software Setting (Microsoft Outlook)

The most common software is Microsoft Outlook. It depends on the Hosting Company. It may look like the following settings:

Account: POP or IMAP
Incoming Mail Server: (or
Outgoing Mail Server: (or

For More Setting Category

Incoming Server (POP) Port: 995 for Encrypted or 110 for Unencrypted (It depends on your Hosting Company)
Incoming Server (IMAP) Port: 993 for Encrypted (It depends on your Hosting Company)
Check the box: This server requires an encrpted connection (SSL) (If the Hosting account requires secure connection)

Outgoing Server (SMTP) Port: 25 (it may be 587 and it depends on your Hosting Company)

Uncheck the box: Leaves a copy of messages on the server. (Otherwise, it will use up your Hosting Account storage)